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SO what’s so special about ‘FUN-FIVE-O’?  First & foremost we’ve no intention of being just another Sex Shop trying to be ‘all things to all people’ along the lines of the corporate giants. Ask the question: ‘Who would you rather buy adult toys & sexual performance enhancers from?’….Some greedy venture capitalist or Internet marketer with no interest in sex other than a means of converting £1 into £1.20, OR one of the UK’s best known mature Escort Couples, with the benefit of years of experience behind them at the ‘sharp end of the business‘ AKA ‘in the bedroom‘. We feel uniquely qualified and confident in our abilities to identify the product needs of our niche; namely sexually liberated men and couples. Whatever your sexuality, straight, bi-curious, bisexual or gay, its of no concern to us; what matters most is that you find what you are looking for, from cock rings and butt plugs to dildos, vibrators & masturbators, pumps, poppers, sex toys and sex essentials including lubes, BDSM accessories plus the very latest in Electro-stim power boxes and electrodes but WAIT!…There’s more….If you don’t like or can’t take pharma products as a means to enhance sexual performance then click on our NATURAL ALTERNATIVES to Sildenafil or Viagra!  We’re constantly updating our portfolio; you’ll find top brands at bottom prices, plus one or two lines of our own, so cum inside and take a look.
Welcome to Fun-Five-0.

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