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Male Sex toys – 10 Tips for Beginners

10 tips for Guys New To SEX TOYS

Don’t be shy, Take the first step towards enhanced MALE PLEASURE with these 10 tips from Fun50Couple…

image of sexually liberated man1)Straight Men are in the same place TODAY as women were 30 years ago when it comes to sextoys; Over a period spanning 4 decades the lady folk have fallen in love with them & learnt how to truly ‘own’ their bodies through their use; Now the tide is turning for men, with sextoys becoming more accepted, but OH so SLOWLY!

2)One of the most potent sextoys for men is the humble cock ring with prices starting from around £2! More sophisticated ones from British manufacturer Rocks-Off can be found here.

3)Did you know there are more nerve endings in the anus than the average clit or glans, and they’re just begging to be stimulated? The anus has no sexuality of its own; it just knows it likes pleasure, so guys, cast away inhibitions and learn to ENJOY.

4)The biggest sex organ of all is the brain. Unfortunately, old-fashioned values and peer pressures going right back to early years mean that many men perceive pleasuring themselves as an indication they’re inadequate in some way and it’s shameful, errrrr NO!

5)The male P-spot is the male counterpart of the female G-spot. Stimulating the P-spot can and will bring on the Mother of all Orgasms I promise you. The P-spot refers to the male prostate gland situated about a finger’s length up the rectum (ass) on the FRONT WALL, but guys, you don’t have to go all the way in at first if you feel that’s a step too far; Start off by externally stimulating the soft spot between balls and anus; it’s called the perineum. Firm rubbing in a circular motion will get you started, you might like to try ‘Her’ vibrator on it, or even get HER to do it for you…the best SEX always stems from good communication.

6)Wanna go a bit deeper? Then stay clean. All men are different. Careful washing in the shower or bath goes a long way but for ultimate cleanliness, you’ll need a douche; prices start from under £9. Premium units are often beaded for easy entry and can sexually stimulate while douching even. The shower, by the way, is a good placed to start guys, just get soaped up and start gently probing. It’s not dirty or taboo, its NORMAL and it doesn’t mean you’re gay!

7)There are just as many sextoys for men centred on the penis as there are anal toys. Masturbators vary in style, ranging from ‘copies’ of female genitalia you can FUCK and simulate intercourse, or more sophisticated units designed to get you off through mechanical action like stroking and twisting; one of the most popular is called REV1000 and doesn’t look like a sextoy at all! And get YOU off it will.

8)Don’t forget nipples guys! Some men can cum from nipple play alone. Try it for yourself. Do your nipples become firm and sensitive when they’re cold? Then that could indicate they’re up for sexual stimulation. You don’t even have to buy a branded sex toy; you can use clothes pegs to start, but go gently! You’ll find a huge range of suckers and clamps in different styles once you start looking. A simple cock ring and a clothes peg can together, deliver a LOT OF BANG for the BUCK, you’ll be surprised. You can use clothes pegs on the scrotum too or the earlobes…another erogenous zone for many.

9)Lube, do you need it? Vigorous masturbation may require a light lube …you can find good basic sexual lubricants from people like Durex at your local supermarket. You’ll have to hunt for them though; the big stores are still a bit prudish with regard to ‘sexual wellness products’. You’ll usually find them near the shaving section or tucked away at the end of an aisle. If its anal play you’re seeking, then lube is ESSENTIAL. Specialist anal lubes are out there by the score, just be sure to get a water-based one so there’s less risk of staining sheets or underwear! And if you’re going for a heavier silicon or oil-based lube for more extreme play, remember, they’re usually NOT condom friendly. The oil permeates the latex of the condom, rendering them unsafe for protection from STI’s, so ALWAYS read the labels first before purchase.

10)Trouble getting it up? Or staying HARD? You’re not alone. There are numerous pills and potions to improve erections and to combat erectile dysfunction, products like Viagra & Sildenafil for example, but also enhancers in the form of cock cages, rings, warming creams and supplements. Herbal equivalents to Viagra are gaining ground, and offer a natural alternative to pharmaceutical pills; one such brand attracting a lot of positive feedback is ZUYOSA. The name ‘ZUYOSA’ is a play on the Japanese word for ‘strength’ and is a blend of well-known aphrodisiacs and plants with a reputation going back Centuries for improving libido and physical health, including Ginseng, Maca, Avena Sativa, Saw Palmetto and others, what’s more its MHRA approved, available in packs of 4 here …. ‘Something for the Weekend Sir?’

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