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An ElectroPlay essential accessory, 2mm conductive rubber loops, BRITISH MADE by E-STIM, Free Shipping


An ESSENTIAL cock play accessory, these 2mm loops are made of a special conductive rubber, odd really when you think rubber is normally associated with INSULATION! No matter, by slipping these over the penis and/or ballbag, you’ll be on your way to experiencing a very DIFFERENT SENSATION, because unlike mechanical masturbators and strokers which twist & vibrate, E-STIM directly stimulates the NERVE ENDINGS instead, to provide a very special and UNIQUE SEX-PERIENCE. So go find yourself some ‘You time’, get comfy and  don’t be in a hurry. Electroplay takes getting used to and you’ll get best results from fine tuning the controls on your power box, OR just lie back and get your partner to do it for you. Once you’ve found your ideal setting you’ll be on the verge of HEAVEN and you won’t wanna stop. That’s when SEX goes from good to GREAT and if you’ve been there you’ll know. Ideal for solo play OR for couples, lovemaking OR fetish play.

Remember you must ONLY INSERT ONE PLUG INTO ONE END of each loop (not the SAME loop because that would make a short circuit and you’d feel NOTHING). Also, we can tell you from experience, DON’T force the plug all the way in, cuz you’ll have trouble removing it without damaging the loop. Each loop has a spring loaded adjuster to make for an easy fit. Loops can also be used as simple monople electrodes suitable for easy anal or vaginal insertion. They’re supplied as a pair and don’t forget, you’ll need to use conductive gel for them to work well. Adjustable to around 70mm in diameter. And the best bit?….FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM 🙂


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