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4MM Heavy Duty conductive rubber loops, take cockplay to a NEW LEVEL, Find out ‘HOW?’ in the product description below…


An ElectroSex cockplay ESSENTIAL! These heavy duty 4mm loops are made of a special conductive rubber, odd really when you think rubber is normally associated with INSULATION! No matter, by slipping these over the penis and/or ballbag, you’ll be on your way to experiencing a very DIFFERENT SENSATION, because unlike mechanical masturbators and strokers which twist & vibrate, E-STIM directly stimulates the NERVE ENDINGS instead, to provide a very special and UNIQUE SEX-PERIENCE. So go find yourself some ‘You time’, get comfy and  don’t be in a hurry.

When it cums to cockplay, many men ask ‘What is the best way to a hands free orgasm using ElectroSex as a means of stimulation?’ So guys you’ll need to try this. Fit one 4mm loop over the head of the penis and tighten just below the glans, and combine it with another insertable electrode in the anus, something like a bi-polar ‘Flange electrode’. (Large Flo is an example)  Connect just one cable to the head of the flange and the other to the loop, Swith on and adjust. You’ll probably feel most sensation at the loop, since that is the biggest area of contact and you might not feel the prostate actually being stimulated, rest assured though, it will be. Because electricity is ‘lazy’ it takes the shortest distance between two points to make a circuit, and in this case, if you get it right and fine tune, it’ll be bridging the prostate. What next? Well in many cases, you’ll experience violent ejaculation. EVENTUALLY. You’ll need to take your time, so get R>E>L>A>X>E>D  first and get your head in the right place, since the BRAIN is the biggest sex organ of them all. Once you’ve found your ideal setting you’ll be on the verge of HEAVEN and you won’t wanna stop. Oh yeah, that’s another thing…..cumming via the prostate doesn’t mean you’re done and dusted like when you stimulate manually…multiple orgasms ARE possible! That’s when SEX goes from good to GREAT and if you’ve been there you’ll know. Remember to use Conductive gel with the loops; you don’t need gel on the insertable though an ordinary lube may help.

Another road you can take for explosive HANDS FREE sensation is to use electro-sounds or an electro-penis plug, combined with a conductive rubber loop over the head of the penis. Again, you’ll be stimulating from the inside, in this case the urethra, pulsing electricity to the loop on the outside of the penis, WOW. Taking edging to a new level. We’ll be adding the full range of micro-sounds from E-stim soon, stay tuned.

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