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Q:Does size matter? A: Maybe

Q:Does getting hard matter? A: Most definitely!


Budget priced penis enlargement kit. This set will help you* achieve greater, larger and longer results while also spicing things up in the bedroom by giving your partner a brand new SEXperience. HOW? The enlargement pump will get you up and ready to go, oh, and we have to say feels sooooooo good too! It comes with a flanged base that ensures a secure seal especially if you apply light lube first, so jacking up is FAST and EASY!!! There’s a quick and easy release valve too, so if you start to overcook it you can remain ‘in control’! Once HARD, simply slip on one of the two stretchy enhancer rings to ‘keep the fire burning’. Try the cock cage enhancer for EXTRA SUPPORT and to simultaneously heighten both your own and your partners stimulation during sex. Alternatively you could spoil her by slipping on the comfy ribbed Adonis Extension to add a DISCREET but IMPRESSIVE 2″ to your penis and take things to the next level!

*ED? During our years as a bisexual Escort Couple we’ve actually witnessed these types of units helping out with erectile difficulties in the bedroom, often in combination with other stimulae. There are many causes of ED; Sometimes though its no more than ‘performance anxiety’, or the consequence of a heavy night out. There’s a lot of discussion going on just now about this thorny subject, particularly with regard to younger men in their 20s and 30’s. Heard of ‘PIED’? No. Neither had we until recently: it stands for ‘Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction’. Check out our bi-monthly XXX Newsletter ‘NEWS VIEWS n SCREWS’ for periodical articles about ‘men problems’ and ways you can combat them! It costs nothing, you don’t need to give credit card details and it is DEFINITELY NOT your run-of-the-mill internet sales pitch. ENJOY.

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