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ID-MAX Maximum Strength Pure Natural Black Maca for MEN from PERU

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Rest Assured, ID-Max Maca is the REAL THING: Pure Natural Black Root and the most highly prized maca out of all 32 sub-species found only at heights above 4000 metres in the South American Andes. Used as a dietary supplement since the beginning of time itself, it has long been reputed to act as an aphrodisiac for MEN, as well as a treatment for Erectile Disfunction & Impotence. Black maca especially, has been noted to increase the volume of sperm in MEN. It’s also used by many athletes as a natural alternative to anabolic steroids without the side effects. Comes with the fun50couple Seal of Approval….why?

Well, we are not allowed by law to claim all kinds of un-scientifically proven benefits, BUT……we DO test ALL our products.  Male Escort fun50geeze took black maca for about a year (and still does). Sometimes it’s only when you STOP TAKING a supplement you may notice a change. All we can say is that on two occasions he stopped taking them, there was a noticeable drop in performance/libido. Was it, indeed, due to not taking the daily dose? Our life as an escort couple hangs on being hyper sexy….women can fake it to an extent, but men can’t! On both occasions, improvements in sexual performance/libido were noted quite quickly after starting to take maca again. WE’RE SOLD ON IT. Give’em a try and let us know what YOU think.

90 Tablets/500mg  ~ Gelatenized Maca ~ Carefully Sourced & Manufactured in Lima PERU for FUN-FIVE-0 United Kingdom by MoliExport ~ Ruc: 20515608843

Libido (‘li’bi:deu) n, pl libidos 1 Psychoanal. Psychic energy emanating from the id. 2 sexial urge or desire

id (id) n Psychoanal.  the primitive instincts and energies in the unconscious mind that, modified by the ego and the superego, underlie all psychic activity. (Collins English Dictionary) ~ Label may vary for UK consumers to comply with Regulations.

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