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High End ElectroPlay chic from E-stim’s RED COLLECTION

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If you’re seeking HIGH END QUALITY and ELECTROPLAY CHIC we suggest you take a look at Bobble, one of three NEW elegantly curved and mirror polished bi-polar E-stim electrodes from the ‘RED COLLECTION’. Made in Britain and covered by a Lifetime Guarantee (unique in the industry), this premium electrode not only looks stunning but feels good too due to its smooth curvy shape and design which allows Bobble to sit naturally in places other electrodes can’t reach. Suitable for anal OR vaginal stimulation Bobble slips in easily for an intense and deeper sensation. Size: LENGTH 99mm DIAM 37.5mm Insertable length 70mm (so about 2.75″ insertable folks, yum yum).

It’s made from aircraft grade aluminium machined to a high tolerance on a CNC unit, then polished to a mirror finish. We’ve been evaluating different electrosex products from a range of manufacturers and were temporarily seduced by some of the silicone offerings out there. We’ve come to the conclusion that HIGHLY POLISHED ALUMINIUM is far superior, and in more ways than one. Silicone can delaminate over time and is easily damaged but here’s another thing you WON’T BE TOLD by many other retailers: Remembering that you CAN’T USE condoms with electroplay probes (because they won’t work due to the rubber acting as in insulator) when it comes to anal use if you go down the silicone route you’re going to have a helluva job to remove odor however well they may have douched, trust me; we’ve been there hundreds of times in anal play situations. YES you can boil a silicone probe afterwards for several minutes if you keep hold of it to save connectors from immersion, however, from experience, odor can be devilishly difficult to remove. Not so though with polished aluminium! You’ll find it a WHOLE LOT EASIER to clean AND the appearance of Bobble is so high end & seductive you’ll maybe wanna to keep it out on public display, now THERE’s a topic for conversation! (Come dine with me? 🙂 🙂 )

Bobble is fitted with 4mm connectors and you’ll need a little water based lube for play to ensure good conductivity. Silicone or hybrid lubes should NOT be used. A worthy addition to any serious ElectroPlay collection.

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