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Designed for lovers on the move, Unique product ideal for sex adventurers and Escorts, Keep it in you handbag, your man-bag, your car boot…


Intimate hygiene made QUICK and SIMPLE with this water-less antibacterial wash. Currently in use with the NHS and MOD, the adult market has re-branded it to provide an effective solution for intimate care on-the-go! Cheeky Wash and Cheeky Wash Expandable Wipes* (*separate product) combine together to meet the needs of those who want a fast and easy cleanup; what’s more it’s unfragranced, so there’s no danger of going home smelling of sex or cleaning product….Now how many times over the years have we told clients not to use our soap or sprays after a meet for fear of being ‘found out’?  Be discreet and remain under the radar, BUY CHEEKY WASH with CHEEKY WASH EXPANDABLE WIPES today!

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