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AMAZING PRODUCT!!! Compressed towelette style cleansing wipes to compliment Cheeky Wash cleaner.


Expandable cleansing wipes by Cheeky Wash come in packs of 4. AMAZING PRODUCT and a ‘must have’ gadget for any-one looking for safe and easy intimate cleansing, on the go.  But here’s the best bit….they come compressed to roughly the size of four x 1p coins and look more like a chunky tablet or pill. So, they are ultra DISCREET making them ideal for any sexual adventurer’s handbag, man-bag or car boot. Impromptu sex? No problem…..When the fun’s over and it’s back down to reality, simply remove Cheeky Wipe from packaging. Add a few drops of liquid (Cheeky Wash cleaner or even plain water will do) and BOOM, watch in astonishment as the wipe expands and unfolds upon contact with liquid into a very respectable 30 x 22cms towelette style soapy cloth, making clean up FAST and EASY. DON’T EVER get caught out again when you’ve gone over the top and lost control; Call in the Cavalry ~ Call in Cheeky Wash. Even better, add Cheeky Wash cleaner to your cart, comes in handy sized 65mm bottle, antibacterial and unfragranced. Recommended.


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