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This UNISEX Anal Douche comes with not one, but THREE different size probes, so you can really enjoy your douching!

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As an Escort Couple at the ‘sharp end’ of the sex trade we’ll often ask a client ‘Have you douched?‘ with many replying: ‘What’s that?‘………’ER…that’ll be a ‘NO’ then!’  tbh guys and girls, if you’re wanting to experience the delights of anal sex, then douching is a MUST for hygiene reasons and safety.  SEVEN CREATIONS unisex Anal Douche Kit is a premium douche, and comes with three different size nozzles; one’s smooth with a tapered point, one is ribbed with a bulbous end for anal & vaginal use, the third is curved and designed for P & G-spot stimulation. So no sharp edges, and easy penetration for EFFECTIVE & ENJOYABLE douching! The bulb is pliable plastic and requires little effort to squeeze and fill. To use anally, first wash area around anus, apply a tiny amount of lube, then fill douche with warm water from a sink, (best not to add any soap to avoid possible irritation of tissue) before gently easing into the rectum. Withdraw, being careful to keep bulb depressed until clear of your body, then expel fluid as you would normally when going to the toilet. Rinse and Repeat several times until you get clear water. NOW, you’re ready. It’s also possible to use a douche to apply anal lube, in a similar way to how you’d use a syringe, to make anal penetration easier and more comfortable. Just make sure the unit is thoroughly clean before filling with lube though, and always remember that some lubes may not be safe for use with certain condoms, so check packaging. A Fun50couple recommended sex essential.

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