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Sticky Pad Electrodes for Electrosex, 4 PACK, Genuine E-STIM accessory


Self adhesive sticky pad electrodes, High quality with a medical grade low allergy adhesive. Sticky pads ARE re-usable with care, we’ve had some in weekly use for over a year, however, they ARE classed as a disposable item. Just peel’em off the plastic carrier sheet, stick them on the skin and connect to your power box; No conductive gel is required with pads. Remember, you WILL need to use TWO PADS at a time or a PAD + ONE OTHER ELECTRODE or they won’t work.

Each pad takes a 2mm cable, just plug in to the socket on the end of the flying lead, but go steady! You WON’T NEED to push them all the way home, if you DO, you’ll make it hard to remove, and you’ll risk damage. Cables plug in to ANY E-STIM unit. You’ll find 4 pads in a pack.  When you’re done, carefully peel off the skin and re-position each pad back on the carrier sheet ready for next time. If the sticky adhesive starts getting a bit dry over time, just add a drop of water to liven it up and to extend life.

Try sticky pad electrodes directly on the penis, balls, perineum (nerves from this area go straight to the prostate, mmmmm) labia, bum cheeks, thighs. Couples try one on each and you’ll be stimulated everytime you touch. Great during foreplay & masturbation. An ElectroSex essential, add to cart, Free shipping, beat that.


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