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These candles create an aura of desire with their captivating light enhanced with a seductive fragrance, melting to a decadent warm oil for exotic body touch and massage, YUM YUM



Hey! Take a look at these sexy heart shaped massage candles from Earthly Body that are just great for SEX, and great for skincare! Why 3-in-1? Because they are an aroma candle, a warm moisturizer and a massage oil, all in one. Beat that! These candles don’t just look good, once lit, they’re specially formulated to melt at just 3 degrees above body temperature so you can drizzle the warm massage oil straight out of the tin and over the body WOW! The primary ingredient of these candles is HEMP seed oil, renowned for its fantastic slip factor for massage, penetrating to what’s called the ‘lipid level’ of the cells, so skin is left soft and moisturized and not greasy like you find with cheaper products. The unique formula used in these candles means they burn for much longer than paraffin candles, up to 60 hours, depending on how much melted wax you use on your SO or sub!  How much better in the heat of the moment to have warm oil to massage with, in stead of some cold lotion dumped on the body!

Store in a drawer with the lid off to infuse lingerie with the sensual fragrance. Set on a hard surface and light for a warm ambiance when it’s time to relax or play, then when things really heat up go with the massage, ENJOY.

So who are ‘Earthly Body’? The company was started in a home garage way back in ’94 by the owners Kevin & Mare Wachs who have been creating high quality natural skin and hair care products ever since. They’ve since grown into a global leader in personal care products, moving their  corporate headquarters in 2013 to a 50,000 sq ft facility in Los Angeles, CA. Only natural ingredients are used, so it’s NO to mineral oil, dyes, sulphates, propylene glycol, phthalates or parabens, NO to animal testing, and all products are 100% VEGAN. Which reminds us….the oils are all completely safe to eat. So set the scene, massage, then lick & nibble your lover into submission.

These gorgeous massage candles, look, smell, feel and even taste divine!! Four different flavours are available here at FUN-FIVE-0; Water Melon, Vanilla, Cherry and Strawberry. We’ve used these candles before, in the bedroom, and they come fun50couple recommended, Great as a classy gift too! Think Christmas, Think Valentines, Think Delicious Seduction…Nuf said.


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Watermelon, Vanilla, Cherry, Strawberry

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