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NEW NEW NEW!!! Updated Series 1, an E-stim classic since 2004, now updated, MORE POWER, MORE MODES, MORE FUN!!! Intro2Electro: Recommended for Beginners &/or intermediates

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The UK’s premier manufacturer of Electroplay systems aka E-STIM started out in 2004, with the launch of their SERIES 1 Power Box. Since then Series 1 has become a classic, having introduced many thousands of people world-wide to the pleasures of electroplay over the years. But as with everything, there’s ALWAYS room for improvement, and ALWAYS people who want just that little bit EXTRA. So the technicians were sent back to the drawing board with a brief; to retain all that was good in the original SERIES 1 but to try and make it smaller, lighter, even more powerful, and to pack in new features, more bang for the buck if you like. The result is ELECTROHELIX, a neo classic which retains the ‘DNA’ of the original Series 1, but with a completely updated and reworked design giving you simply more of everything you need. With an updated microprocessor control boost system, together with an entirely new logic timing control, the ELECTROHELIX has 5 program modes, including the imfamous and still unique ‘Fire Button’ Mode.

E-stim as a company have been creating electroplay devices of their own for years, unlike other brands who import cheap acupuncture or TEN units then rebrand them for the sex trade. So E-stim know what works and what doesn’t, with most of the staff enthusiasts & users of the units themselves. Words are cheap, but you DO have to ask yourself “Why are E-stim STILL the only company offering a full LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all of their Power Boxes and Premium Electrodes?” It’s because they can afford to; secure in the knowledge that quality manufacture and meticulous assembly means very few problems and very few returns/claims. The payoff? Legions of satisfied customers who stay loyal to the brand.  So what else does HELIX offer? Analogue Controls so the output is stepless, giving you almost infinite control over the level; how many times have you found that level 18 is too low and level 19 is too much? Rotary control makes it easy to turn from 100% to zero in less than a couple of seconds with just a flick of the wrist. HELIX packs more punch than a Series 1 too, but still gives hours of play from a single PP3 battery. Why not re-chargeable I hear you ask? Because they always seem to go flat at the most innopportune moments and then require HOURS to charge! With HELIX if your battery goes flat, just pop in a new one and resume play! Simple.

Series 1 originally had three MODES but HELIX has five, with the addition of MILK and TEASE, both programmed to give you more interesting sensations, and both fully controllable via both Speed and Feel controls. Modes have been extended too, meaning both longer AND shorter pulse intervals are on hand, all from a twist of a knob. The Feel control has also been re-jigged to offer a wider range of feel and sensation, so you’ll have complete control to find the sensation you most enjoy. Rock and Roll.

You want more? Then hold the ‘FIRE’ button as you turn ELECTROHELIX on for a sharper and more I>N>T>E>N>S>E  electroplay experience. It’s a bit like the ‘Sport’ button an a performance car, NOT for the faint hearted!

Ergonomics? Series 1 was good, but ELECTROHELIX is better as it’s smaller (but NOT fiddly thankfully) lighter and fits into the hand easily, with rubber grip knobs and a wipe clean fascia so no problem when playing with gloved and/or lubed fingers! Designed and built here in the UK conforming to the latest in UK and EU safety standards, and unlike most others on the market, it’s CE marked (NOT Chinese Engineered!! but ‘Conformite Europeene’ which means ‘European Conformity’ as per Directive 93/68/EEC 1993), So, you’re in safe hands with a full LIFETIME GUARANTEE given too, Beat that! The unit is supplied in a custom made carry case, together with a 2mm connection cable, battery, a pack of 4 electro-pads, and a comprehensive instruction manual….everything YOU NEED to get started.


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