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E-Stim’s Whisker feels like hundreds of tiny fingers caressing the skin. Add a NEW element to TIE n TEASE sessions, Fun50Minx recommended product AND FREE SHIPPING!


Tie and tease is one of the most popular requests from men when they visit an escort for sex and for good reason. Many guys crave being brought to the very brink, then kept there for an hour or so before concluding the liaison with a Happy Ending. And if you’re a couple who actually communicate with one another then you too will know what we’re talking about here cuz TIE n TEASE is up there with the best and most INTENSE sexual experiences. Sil scarves, flails, rope, cuffs, blindfolds, pinwheels, nipple suckers are all tools of the trade but now you can add another dimension: ELECTRO WHISKER is a monopole electrode from E-STIM designed for the sole purpose of teasing, tickling and tormenting your subject with electricity. So what does it feel like? Imagine hundreds of tiny fingures caressing the skin, creating an intense yet highly stimulating electro-sensation. Remember to use it in conjunction with a pad, loop or other monopole electrode though, Made with an insulated handle and fitted with a 4mm connection socket, ELECTRO WHISKER comes Fun50Minx recommended 🙂

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