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9″ of ElectroPlay Magic, Unique to E-STIM, Lifetime Guarantee, ON OFFER JUST NOW, MRP £109 for large wand, £89 MRP >>> Down to £89 & £72 respectively, Limited period, Read more….

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We have to put our hand up and come clean….for a while we weren’t over-enthused about adding Electrowand to our ‘oldest profession toybox’, Why? Well for starters, most pictures you see of ELECTROWAND just don’t do it justice. Secondly, if you’re old skool like us, measurements in millimetres don’t really ‘register’. (I mean you don’t go around saying you’ve got a 185mm cock do you?) Then there’s the confusion around the word ‘wand’. How so? Because many of us have heard vague usually ‘bad stuff‘ about ‘violet wands’. So, let’s set the record straight!

ELECTROWAND is a highly polished hand held monopole E-stim electrode with a ridged head and a polymer insulated handle, designed for INSERTION or SURFACE (skin)PLAY. And what is a violet wand? THEY are a whole different ball game, pricey too and not without an element of RISK.  ELECTROWAND comes in two sizes, both the same length at 250mm overall (that’s a hefty & seriously impressive 9.25″ with a contact length of 130mm/5+”), and either SMALL at 38mm diameter (1.5″) or LARGE at 50mm diameter (2″).  A single recessed 4mm socket is housed in the handle.

So how does it work? Simply connect one connection of a cable to ELECTROWAND, the other to a sticky pad or other electrode, stand back and watch the FUN begin. The insulted handle allows you to thrust and manipulate the wand into just the right place (think G or P spot), whilst your partner really feels the P>L>E>A>S>U>R>E  not just from the highly polished ribbed head, but ALSO from the Electroplay signals coursing through the head, WOW. It’s not just for insertion play either; you can also use it on the surface of the skin (you’ll need conductive gel mind) try it and watch the magic begin!  As with all E-STIM’s premium electrodes, ELECTROWAND comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Recommended for use ONLY with E-Stim power boxes, as others may not have the power to drive it. Stand out from the crowd by adding this EXCITING ACCESSORY to your own electroplay collection, Fun50Couple recommended….


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