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‘SOMETHING DARKER’ glass butt plug, includes gift box & classy satin pouch


Simply put, you just can’t beat glass when it comes to anal stimulation, trust us. Whether it be a glass butt plug or for when you move onward and upward to bigger dildos maybe, GLASS is the way to go. Why? Ultra smooth shiny finish combined with rock solid construction makes for E-A-Z-E-E-E insertion but take it S>L>O>W to begin with, always use plenty of lube and you’re guaranteed to enjoy that FILLED UP feeling that a quality plug delivers. The base is flanged for safety ~ you must always bear in mind than unlike the vagina, the rectum has no closed end, so always look for a toy with a flared base when considering anal play. If you’re new to the scene, communication is key so discuss, clean beforehand by douching, then first go in with smaller beads and/or a finger, before introducing Something Darker…just don’t rush it. Him OR Her, the area around the anus is a sensual hotspot with more nerve endings receptive to pleasure than you’ll find in either the clit or the head of a penis. Once you’ve been there, if you do it right, you’ll go on to crave more & more, bigger, better, best ~ you’d better believe it. Glass cleans up easy, though in most cases you’ll have nothing to worry about, however, always remember to never transfer directly from one person to another, either wash in between or use with a condom. Step up a notch ~  the shatter resistant borosilicate sand used in the manufacture of this glass butt plug means you can safely heat it up or cool it with ice for temperature play without fear of damage, Enjoy. It comes in a sturdy gift box with a smart satin bag which you can use for discreet storage in handbag/manbag. You probably already know from our blogs that we’re huge fans of glass, fun50couple recommended, GO GET ONE…


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