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Candles create an aura of desire with captivating light enhanced mystical fragrance, which melt into a decadent warm oil for exotic body touch and massage…

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Set the scene for erotic seduction with ‘Crazy Girl’ AFTER DARK Pheromone infused massage candle.  What are pheromones? Well, they are secreted  chemicals that trigger a social response in members of the same species capable of acting outside the body to influence the behaviour of the receiving individual. WOW. You’ll know always that when you attend to the fine details, the end result is more often well worth the effort and Sex Pheromones encourage that individual to ‘mate’ or perform sexually…light one of these up and you’ll help set the scene for a night of seductive pleasure. Black orchid intertwined with Dark Violet,  muted amber and Earthy Musk combine to produce a fragrant symphony of Mysterious Seduction, with infused pheromone to increase sexual arousal. How to use? Burn down during conversation and foreplay until partially liquid. Then, extinguish the flame and gently pour over your lover’s body for a warm  and sensual massage. It won’t burn the skin, as it’s special formula means it heats to just 2 degrees over normal body temperature. What happens during and after the massage is down yo you! Candle is housed within a classy looking black round tin with silver heart logo on the lid, boxed, making it a great gift, thoughtful too. Paraben Free ~ Made in USA ~ No animal testing, 6oz net wt/ 170g, because the sexiest things happen….AFTER DARK


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