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Antibacterial Anal Lube from Lubido, water based so a little goes a L O N G way, BARGAIN PRICE!!!

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Looking for a Safe Reliable High Quality ANAL Lube at an affordable price? Of course you are! Lubido’s anal specific anti-bacterial lube with added ALOE VERA soothes as it sanitizes making exploration that much S>M>O>O>T>H>E>R. It comes in a 250ml bottle, with a handy locking clip, making it TRAVEL FRIENDLY, so no more Spills, AND it’s water based, so SAFE with condoms and WON’T HARM fabrics as it’s non staining.
So who are LUBIDO? Well my friends, they go way back to the late 70’s, back in the days when sex was safe and motorcycles were dangerous 🙂 . They started out manufacturing condoms; you may remember vending machines here there and everywhere under the JIFFY brand? At one time they had over 30,000 of them up and down the country, saving Joe Bloggs the embarrassment of a visit to the barber’s shop to ask for ‘something for the weekend ‘. The business went from strength to strength and contributed much to changing the way people viewed sex, SAFE SEX in particular. Fast forward 4 decades and we’re now in a completely different world. There’s a new openness towards sex. 40 years of testing lubricants on condoms means there’s nothing these people don’t know about lubes. Lubido anal lubricant is the latest addition to the range: Paraben free, Latex safe, Odourless, Antibacterial, Libido Enhancing & just the right consistency to make anal sex ROCK, Add to cart

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