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PIPEDREAM’s Classix Prostate Massager is similar to the original patented Aneros design from way back, but this one’s more affordable; it’s around 4″ long and made in sturdy polypropylene plastic. Experience an orgasm like never before…stimulate your prostate!


For decades the GOLD STANDARD in P-SPOT massage devices belonged to ANEROS with their patented design and we still offer their Helix model here through FUN-FIVE-0. Exchange rate woes however have caused the price of ANEROS to keep on risin’ and in these hard times the old idiom ‘you cut your coat according to your cloth‘ springs to mind 🙁 🙁 . There are a plethora of cheap Chinese copies of the original P-SPOT massager popping up everywhere, however, we believe this version from respected American manufacturer Pipedream to be well worth the investment.

So who are Pipedream?  Well, they are a company who have been at the forefront of adult pleasure product development for nigh on 40 years, setting the standard for innovative and affordable products since 1973. It’s hard to believe this international multi-million dollar empire got its start selling smoking accessories out of the back of a van (hence the name Pipedream), only to become the largest pleasure products manufacturer in the world, ranking #1 in manufacturing, #1 in sales, #1 in customer service, and #1 in awards. There are now over 35 adult product brands in their stable including mega-successful King Cock. Their corporate HQ is in Chatsworth California AKA “Porn Valley”, and their Mission Statement reads as follows: ‘Our mission has always been the same: to offer you great products at a fair price!‘ and at just £18-99 for this stimulator, we have to agree.

The head of Classix is designed to rub against the prostate. The curved shaft stimulates the anal canal, which is itself an erogenous zone. So HOW does it work? The bulbous head massages the prostate from pressure applied via the anal sphincter and PC (pubococcygeal) muscles together, NOT by any movement from the hand.  The perineum is stimulated simultaneously via contact with the base and front tab of Classix. The curly handle is used only for insertion & removal of the device, NOT for thrusting….which could cause injury. The perineum tab acts as a pivot, so guys, you ride it in such a way that you reap the benefit of simultaneous internal and external prostate massage. Prolonged stimulation  leads to stronger orgasms & eventually, with practise, you may well enjoy the Mother of all Orgasms these kinds of units are famed for. Sound complicated? Not really, but you WILL NEED to allow time, and you WILL need to TOTALLY RELAX. You may not get it right the first couple of times, however, you WILL discover exquisite sensations you never knew existed pretty soon from the off. Stick with it and you’ll build on each session, developing muscle and mind control; try NOT to touch the penis, just get used to the sensation and ride the wave. Get it right and you’ll become familiar with the bitter sweet feeling you get when you hit the P-SPOT, and pretty soon you’ll be cumming hands free…The I>N>T>E>N>S>E nature of the orgasm will have you bunking off work to take time to revisit the experience again and again, trust us. But REMEMBER, lube up and persevere with it; Rome wasn’t built in a day & you DO have to practise with these kinds of massagers, but you’re SOOOOOOO worth it 🙂  Aren’t you?

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