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TOUGH & great looking fluidproof sheets in PVC, a SEX ESSENTIAL for serious players, Read more

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PVC fluidproof sheets, an essential addition to any serious player’s collection. Protect mattresses/soft furnishings etc from fluids associated with sexual play; Watersports, female ejaculation, food play, medical scenes, water/oil/hybrid based lubes, these sheets will have you covered. Also popular with PVC Fet lovers for the cool and slippery feel against naked flesh. PVC FLUIDPROOF sheets are ideal too for Escorts working outcalls, especially to hotels; it shows your client that you CARE, and that you attend to the fine details, so important when you’re chasing repeat business.

Size is 85″ x 80″ (215cm x 203cm) so they will cover a king size bed, or fit a double with plenty to tuck in; please note these are NOT FITTED type sheets so they will lie perfectly flat and S<M>O>O>T>H. They come in Red or Black and are fully washable, though usually you’ll need only to wipe them clean with a damp cloth & sanitiser before drying quickly with a towel. In recent years fancy engineered fabric sheets have appeared as an alternative to PVC. Originating from San Fransisco and made from a 2 or 3 ply mix of polyurethane and polyester they ARE AN OPTION for some people, but in our opinion there’s a lot to be said for the KISS approach to life (‘Keep It Simple Stupid’). The American sheets don’t fold down as small as PVC, and after washing they still need to be dried either in a tumble drier (or on a line which is what they recommend). They also cost an arm and a leg, well into three figures for just one sheet! So guys stick to PVC! We’ve used them for years working in the oldest profession and we’re still only on our second set. After hundreds of uses, and countless times folding them up small & tight to fit in the top of a briefcase, they’re still good to go, and best of all, come in at UNDER THIRTY QUID!

TIP: When you first open your PVC sheets they’ll smell STRONG and the creases are VERY pronounced as they’ve been machine wrapped for shipping. Don’t worry though! Simply unpack and spread out flat for a couple of days and you’ll find the smell disappears and the creases ‘relax’ to give you a sheet fit for purpose and perfect for YOU!


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