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It TWISTS, It SPINS, It ROTATES, It’s a REVolution in male PLEASURE, Get ready to ROCK!

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Male masturbation taken to the NEXT LEVEL; We’ve been talking to sexy men for years while working in ‘the oldest profession’, finding out what they like, what they don’t like, what they wish for, and how they get by in between. And despite what many of them may admit to in public, the truth is, most of ’em like a good honest to goodness W**K. And for some of them it’s 3 or more times a day…Yes I know, we do tend to meet the more EXTREME guys, that’s why they cum see us! ‘Bating is a way to DE-STRESS, its a COMFORT, its a RELEASE, and done right it’s as good as, nay, sometimes EVEN BETTER THAN, full intercourse. The more liberated guys are always seeking new ways to raise the bar, to reach an ever increasing HIGH, AKA the MOTHER of ALL MALE ORGASMS. For some that may only come with advanced techniques like prostate massage, while others might seek a more intense climax by varying their masturbation technique….ENTER REV1000, a revolution in male pleasure. Just lube up, then ease that horny length into REV’s soft pleasure sleeve and get ready to ROCK…it twists, it spins it rotates, all in all there are 49 different combinations of speed and function, driven by a POWERFUL hi quality Japanese motor, and it’s fully re-chargeable too. Ergonomically designed and easy to use with push button controls.  If you’re in a hurry, whack it up to top speed and you’ll get off in a jizzy jiffy mmmmm, OR, when home alone, and you want that ‘oh so close’ feeling to last for E>V>E>R.… just explore each and every one of those 49 variations, edge, edge and edge a bit more, before reaching the MOST INTENSE CLIMAX ever, BOOM! Pack includes a spare sleeve + a sachet of Sliquid Ride lube. Unit measures 10.75″ x 3.2″ with 4.5″ insert-able length; GET SET, IMAGINE, PAINT A PICTURE IN YOUR MIND, SUBMIT, & GO…..ENJOY! Look out for a REV1000 PRO product review coming soon from FUN50GEEZE 🙂

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