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Will this latest offering from Rocks Off’s become your best bedroom buddy?

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Get your rocks off boys with this latest P Spot massager from award winning British manufacturer RocksOff Ltd. Male sex-toys are moving mainstream & no longer perceived to be exclusive to the gay crowd. Sexually liberated men up and down the country are waking up to the erotic pleasures that go hand in hand with exploring one’s own sexuality. For either first-timers or experienced P-spot enthusiasts, the sleek, stream-lined and user-friendly O-BOY provides you with unique lines and clever angles to provide the optimum fit against your P-spot. Add 7 speeds of thunderous vibration targeting your perineum, and we reckon you’ll  be ready to launch into complete and utter orgasmic O-BOY orbit. As added benefit is the hands-free design which means you can enjoy O-BOY at the same time as pleasuring a partner, male or female.

Oh-WOW! ~ Oh-GOSH! ~ O-BOY! ~ It’s got your name on it! ~ Enjoy 🙂                                                                  Requires 1 x 1 .5 volt N-size / LR1 (Included)

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