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Intimate massage for MEN, Start your journey to anal pleasure with Quest, ideal for beginners or more advanced users, 100% waterproof and 10 different pulse & vibe modes, Not many vibes like this around guys, Read more…

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Quest is a well made beginner’s prostate massager from respected manufacturer Rocks-Off. Up till fairly recently, anal stimulation for most men has been a big No-No, even though it’s been practiced for thousands of years elsewhere in places like Greece, the Indian subcontinent and the Orient…those guys know that skilled stimulation of the prostate both internally OR externally can induce the ‘mother of all orgasms’. Isn’t that worth going for guys? Way too many men associate ass play with being gay…utter tosh…the anus itself has more nerve endings in it than the average clitoris or glans, and the P spot is the equivalent of the female G-spot…it has no sexuality of its own, it just knows it likes pleasure!

As an escort couple we’ve introduced countless men to anal pleasure over the years. It starts with a light touch from a straying finger; many men are surprised to find they enjoy the feeling & it’s usually not long before they wanna go a bit further; Once used to stimulation of the anus they’ll go on to tentative penetration…beads are good. Deeper probing and more intense feelings prompt even further exploration and a yearning to locate the prostate. Years ago this was easier said than done; there were few accurate diagrams or ‘How to’ articles around and it was often a case of hit n miss. Geeze’s first introduction to the P-spot came after reading an account from a drummer in a rock band who used drumsticks to hit the spot. Massagers like Quest though take away the guesswork with their curved design, making location of the sweet spot soooo much easier. It’s unintimidating slim design makes insertion easy, just remember to coat the stimulator with a thickish water based lube before play (Lubido is good). Quest has an insertable length of around 3″ (76mm) and measures 4.5″ overall.

Allocate yourself some YOU-TIME and DON’T rush it, the more you can relax the better. Use a combination of gentle pushing and simultaneous muscle control to draw Quest in; the flange on the base of the unit prevents you from ahem, ‘losing it’. Once in, turning it slightly will help you find the spot… you’ll know it once you hit it, for that bitter sweet sensation when you won’t know whether you wanna pee or cum is unmistakable. Don’t worry if you’re not HARD, you’re not ‘SUPPOSED TO BE ANYTHING’, anal play affects different people in different ways. Hardness often comes on later, and it’ll most probably be FULL-ON, a wanton feeling, a deep guttural animalistic vibe that anal play is famed for, are you EXCITED YET? Skilled players may even be able to ‘milk’ their prostate and actually manage to cum hands free, yep, it’s a journey; Quest will get you started. It’s 100% waterproof too, so you can take it in the bath or shower and REMEMBER there’s 10 powerful vibration & pulsation modes built in too, so all in all, GREAT VALUE. It uses batteries, (included) and you’ll get around 3 hours continuous use out of them. After play, simply wash well in warm water & a mild soap or toy cleaner. Quest is a worthy contender for any collection and it’s built to LAST, British made, from ROCKS-OFF, Enjoy 🙂

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