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SLIQUID Organics Natural Gel is an ultra thick water based natural lubricant, Infused with organic botanical extracts. LOW LOW PRICE!!!

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SLIQUID Organics Natural GEL is a PREMIUM QUALITY, ultra thick water based NATURAL lubricant, infused wrth organic botanical extracts. Formulated using the same ingredients as the well known SLIQUID Organics Natural, the GEL has double the amount of plant cellulose to create a thick, luxurious lube, ideal for use on one’s most intimate and delicate body tissue, designed to stay wherever it is put for maximum comfort. So, its ideal for all kinds of anal play, with all the slickness you desire and the extra padding you need for your most sensitive tissues. What’s more, being water based, its easily cleaned up and won’t stain or mark bed sheets or linen. fun50couple recommended professional grade product.



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