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‘pump it up pump it up until you can feel it, pump it up till you don’t really need it, PUMP IT’*

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Penis Enlargement has come a long way in the last couple of decades, yet there are still some out there ‘in denial’. They’re the kind of people that think the Earth’s still flat, but don’t get us wrong, we’re NOT suggesting growing your manhood is EASY, not by a long chalk. Don’t imagine a one time use is going to extend your penis and that change is going to somehow magically last forever. Its proven nowadays that one needs to adopt a carefully planned multi-strand approach to enlargement, if you’re going to see tangible results; Which usually means using a pump, in combination with traction devices like the Jes Extender. Lifestyle changes like reducing stress,  cutting down on alcohol & tobacco consumption, improving diet and exercise all matter too and increase chances of success. We’ve heard (and seen via YOU TUBE) the evidence…just make sure you adopt a disciplined approach and give it time. Increases in length of an inch or more these days are not unheard of; girth needs a bit more work, nevertheless, there’s a deepening body of evidence that penis enlargement devices ARE effective when used consistently. There’s health benefits too from using a pump…they increase blood flow to the penis, so if you’re the kinda guy that struggles to maintain an erection, then vacuum pumps can be useful. Oh and we forgot to mention…it’s FUN. The feelings you’ll experience as your cock visibly swells within the chamber can be TO DIE FOR, but don’t overdo it! Just remember to release the valve and slip a cock-ring on pretty quickly to maintain that SUPER HARD erection before pleasuring your lover to the MAX.

PUMP-WORX SURE-GRIP SHOWER PUMP has a powerful suction base which will stick to nearly any surface…whack it on the shower wall for a completely hands free pumping sexperience. Then turn on the powerful vibrating bullet to enjoy EXTRA stimulation as you… ‘pump it up pump it up until you can feel it, pump it up till you don’t really need it, PUMP IT’ (words made famous by a certain Declan Patrick MacManus, born 25 August 1954….Elvis Costello to you n me, yeah we love rock n roll too) PS As an added bonus the bullet can be removed and used for extra stimulation elsewhere, WOW ~  when the excitements over, simply dismantle and wash clean with warm water and toy cleaner.

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