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The best kept secret in the Sex Industry, and it’s AFFORDABLE too with only 1-2 drops required for each application, get H>A>R>D fast!


Shall we let you into a secret? VIAGEL is a NEW product making BIG waves in the sex industry! BIG waves in your penis too! Quickly becoming THE #1 Erotic Aid for Men. So how does it work? It increases blood flow to your cock and balls as do most products designed to help GET IT UP, but here’s the best bit: It’s a ‘topical’ gel which means the treatment is applied directly to the skin, and NOT taken internally like a pill, so you don’t need to worry about it affecting your heart rate or blood pressure,  you won’t need to worry if you like a little ahem ‘aroma’ in the room, and you WON’T have to wait an hour or so for it to kick in because VIAGEL begins to work almost immediately, with many users reporting a reaction time of two minutes or less, WOW!

It’s latex safe too, so you can use it WITH condoms, but WITHOUT loss of sensation. Only a couple of drops are needed for any one application, so there’s enough in the easy-use 30ML bottle to last for several nights of passion, making it AFFORDABLE. Simply apply direct to the penis and the area immediately around it in the pelvic region; once you feel the warming action, you should be well on the way to a stronger erection and a more prolonged and intense orgasm.

No prescription necessary, Flat rate shipping!


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