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If you love CBT AND ELECTRPLAY the NEW VYPER 2 is for you…

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Looking for EXTREME CBT? (Cock & Ball Torture folks and not as uncommon as you might think). Vyper 2 is a quatropole (4 pole) electro compression system for yep you guessed it THE PENIS!

It features 4 gold plated (Yes really) electro contact pads fitted to two compression panels. How to use? Slip it over the erect penis, set it to a squeeze/compress level you’re comfortable with, then add a wee bit more, but DON’T OVER-DO IT or you could cause ‘ahem’ damage. (We’re often surprised at guys’ limits when it comes to CBT; different strokes for different folks). We’ve seen other manufacturers cut corners on ElectroPlay equipment using cheap fixings like sticky tape, glue and thin plastic, but REMEMBER guys, All E-stim’s premium electrodes come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and are built to last, so on Vyper 2 you’ll find stainless steel fittings, 5mm laser cut acrylic sheet, custom made PCBs, and contact panels GOLD PLATED for durability. Simply put, this is ONE SERIOUS PIECE OF KIT for BDSM and lovers of ELECTROSEX. With four contact pads you have four areas of contact so its ideal for power boxes with dual channels, though you CAN USE it with a single channel unit. The opening can be adjusted from 0.25″ to a full 2″ so it’s able to accomodate most sizes; it’s British Made, comes fully assembled & you’ll find it easy to clean. A Standard 4mm cable is required to connect it to your power box (cable isn’t included). Take CBT and ElectroPlay to a new level with VYPER 2.  CUMMING SOON: You might also like Python for the balls, SNAKES ALIVE!



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