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Welcome to GEN-SEX! What is GEN-SEX? It’s an online magazine linked to www.fun-five-0.com and talks in general terms about Sexual Wellness, directed primarily at Men and Couples.

OK, so what the hell is Sexual Wellness? It’s a term you’ve possible only vaguely heard of and to be honest it’s just finding its feet. A bit like ‘mindfulness’ a few years ago. Talk to any NHS counsellor about stress related issues and they’ll mention mindfulness aka ‘a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique’…its about ‘observation without criticism, and being compassionate with yourself’….WOW, I could sure use some of that myself in today’s mad world. Unheard of in the West until a few years ago, mindfulness is now BIG BUSINESS…No surprise there!

Sexual Wellness is tipped to make the same kind of impact as people seek to move sexual conversations away from ‘taboo’ towards ‘normal’. Folk are beginning to realise that normalising SEX instead of sensationalising it or keeping it ‘behind closed doors’ should be seen as a regular part of maintaining overall personal health. The word sexual relates to the instincts, physiological processes, & activities connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact between individuals. The word wellness relates to the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. Combine the two and we have Sexual Wellness!  We’re going to make every effort with GEN-SEX magazine to keep ‘on subject’ and to inform, discuss, review, share articles and tweak accordingly as we grow, so lets get started!

What qualifies us to write this stuff? Well for starters, we won’t be writing it all ourselves….Guest writers are welcomed, and we shall be actively seeking collaborative articles with ‘qualified’ contributors as and when deemed necessary. Some of you’ll know we’ve worked in the oldest profession for years as a mature escort couple, catering mainly to professional men, most of whom are married. We’ve never been the ‘wham bam thank you’ kind of service providers; instead, we’ve delivered consistently high levels of service in an effort to garner repeat custom, and form loose relationships, an escort’s lifeblood. We make it our business to really get to know our subjects, if and when they’ll let us. Many men divulge much about their personal lives, so we hear all about their relationship and sexual problems, and over the years one sees a pattern ermerging, and gains a better understanding about what’s REALLY going on out there, behind closed doors.

ErectiErectile dysfunction imagele dysfunction is one of those problems and fits in very neatly with Sexual Wellness. Why? Because ED can be devastating for both parties in a ‘couple’ relationship. Although medical factors can come into play, it’s more often about psychological issues including lack of effective communication. You’d be surprised at the numbers of men we’ve seen over the years who make all kinds of excuses about ‘not being able to get hard’ at the outset of a meeting, only to enjoy a raging erection within a half hour due to nothing much more than a change of scenery and some strategically placed mirrors! However, there are men obviously, of all ages from twenty-somethings to octogenarians and beyond, who require a little blue pill, more often than not Viagra, mostly on prescription. Things changed recently with Viagra now available over the counter, albeit subject to you answering a few questions from the pharmacist. Some men aren’t able to take pharma products due to medical conditions especially if they’re taking pills for blood pressure or heart problems, AND there are some folk who refuse to take any pharma products at all if they can help it, and instead, turn to natural remedies. So, being able to combat erectile dysfunction by whatever means, and consciously working at it over time, is a behaviour consistent with Sexual Wellness.

Fun-Five-0 was originally started as an e-com store marketing products to assist the market we knew best, aka ‘married men & couples aged 40+’. We wanted to help men ENJOY SEX more whether it be solo or with their S/O. This meant introducing men to sex toys still seen as taboo by many, helping them come to terms with changing sexuality in many cases & supplying products that met that need, (for example fetish lines) as well as helping with more basic problems like the dreaded ED. Over the last 18 months or so we kind of lost our way in positioning the business as we sought to find ways to connect with our niche, most of whom are not on social media of any kind and tend to be desktop users, late into the night while ‘wifey’ sleeps. Many wrestling with sexuality issues are closeted, and countless others suffering ED are sadly ‘in denial’ living in essentially sexless marriages with all the kinds of resentment that can bring. We believe that ‘Sexual Wellness’ is the ideal focus in our efforts to serve our niche, as well as the younger age groups, so lets kick off with a review this month, of ZUYOSA.

Zuyosa has quickly gained a reputation for itself as a natural Sexual Vitality Supplement for Men and an alternative to Viagra that REALLY WORKS. Consequently it flies off shelves and can be extremely difficult to find. Its a specially formulated food supplement manufactured in the UK from a blend of natural minerals and plant extracts like Arginine, Ginseng, Maca, Saw Palmetto, Resveratrol, Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin B6. Unless you’ve lived off grid for decades, it’s unlikely you haven’t heard of at least some of those ingredients….most are well known even to ancient civilisations to boost sexual performance and libido, maca and ginseng probably the best known. The brand name Zuyosa by the way is derived from ‘Tsuyosa’ the Japanese word for strength. It comes in a classy little dispenser pack of 4 capsules, each of which is bright red in colour, and you’re advised to take a single capsule 2 hours before activity. So, does it work? Let’s see….

Few men who work in the porn industry or as male escorts for many years can get by without a little extra help on occasion to ‘get it up’. Porn artists are required to stay hard for hours on end, and be able to cum on demand at a couple of minutes notice! In days gone by, ‘fluffers’ were employed; these were men &/or women employed to keep a male porn performer’s penis erect on the set. Yep, REALLY!

These duties, which don’t necessarily involve touch, were considered part and parcel of the make-up department, however, since the availability of Viagra, numbers of fluffers have dwindled, as have the numbers of porn artists as the industry has been brought to its knees through an over abundance of free amateur content. Male Escorts too have turned to Viagra as a means of sustaining an erection for long periods of time, or as a way for them to do back to back jobs. One of the problems of male escorting is ‘you can’t fake it’ and over time the arousal bar gets higher and higher the more hardened you get (no pun intended heehee) to extreme sexual activity. So Geeze often takes V on paid presciption. Occasionally he’s run out and had to ‘try harder’ at meetings. Sometimes though, you just know you’re going to need a boost for some particularly demanding scenario or to combat tiredness/fatigue. On three occasions over the past 12 months it was a case of raiding fun-five-o stock for a pack of Zuyosa, and some of you will know I promised elsewhere to report on my findings.

Pills don’t work the same for every-one. Viagra’s no different. Some men get hard within 20 minutes or so, for others it takes hours. Some don’t get hard at all, especially if they’ve recently eaten or consumed alcohol. And so seems to be the case with Zuyosa. The first time I took it, I felt something. Nothing like the kick of V, but SOMETHING nevertheless. The second time I took it I got super hard 14 hours later, just like what can happen with V sometimes. Knowing I was going to write this review at some stage, I thought I’d give it a more serious trial on a couple of other occasions in recent months. Both times I took it for 4 consecutive days. The first time I felt my face flushing and found myself feeling very STOKED, so confident in fact that I began to really look forward to the meeting, thinking I was going to perform like a superstar. And I was not disappointed. What I’ve found is that unlike V, the pumped up feeling lasts for hours….not a raging hard on I hasten to add, but the feeling that if that’s what you wanted it was there for the asking albeit with a bit of mild stimulation. Basically I was able to get hard multiple times and perform strongly, and it FELT really good, like I was on something. I never ‘do drugs’ but I do allow clients to indulge in ‘poppers’ ahem room aromas….something they should NEVER DO if they’re on pharma pills like V, as the combination could kill, seriously. With Zuyosa though, you’re OK, as you are if you’re taking pills for a heart condition. I’d decided to trial Zuyosa over 4 days and over 3 out of those 4 days I felt STRONG….good enough to perform well in some full-on meetings.

The second time I tried Zuyosa over three days only, the results were not as impressive, and I have to say ‘inconclusive’. Yeah, I got some flushing in the face, indicating that ‘something’ was happening, though I didn’t get that ‘stoked’ feeling like I did on the previous occasion, and results can’t be fairly judged as I resorted to use of a cockring for added OOMPH! Thinking about it afterwards, I reckon #1 I was tired, and #2 I’d eaten irregularly, and vowed next time to eat NOTHING at all prior to taking it, and to make written notes about all the different factors including sleep, mood, meals, client/situation etc.

Image of Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement dispenserWould I take Zuyosa again? You bet. I would love to learn how to GUARANTEE the experience I had on the first 4 day trial. So it’s work in progress. Would I recommend Zuyosa? Absolutely… it’s worked big time for me once, so it’s gotta be able to work again, it’s a case of working out what’s best FOR ME, which when all’s said and done applies to all forms of Sexual Performance Enhancers, Viagra included. The best thing about Zuyosa is its natural, AND Made in Britain so it’s MHRA Approved and therefore SAFE, not like much of the dubious imported stuff out there!

Once I’ve discovered how to replicate the performance boost of the first 4 day trial, rest assured I’ll get straight back to you!

Until next time, I’m fun50geeze, & this has been the very first issue of GEN-SEX! We’ll be re-formatting the layout and the links before the next offering, in the meantime thanks for reading about Sexual Wellness & we’ll see you again soon!GEN-SEX logo

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